Trial patient for Fibromyalgia 

After the initial bad couple of years with trying different medications with this condition and feeling disgusted with just constantly being fed more pills.  I wanted to try to put this ‘situation’ to some good use.

There is not a cure for #fibromyalgia and as the nervous system and mind are so complex and every single person is different I doubt there we will be.  But what if a combination of holistic and medical treatments were available to improve our symptoms and more importantly quieten down the root cause; our ‘short circuiting’ nervous system and brain?

I spent an afternoon searching on the internet for clinical trials in the UK and came across this site here, you can search the medical condition and even an area of the UK and see what is available, sign up, contact people for more information or even just ask to be kept informed.  Brilliant I thought!!  Let’s get involved, I’m game. 

I was turned down for one as I had took Tramadol in the last 6 months and one had no funding to pay for my travel, but I was accepted for another.

I am just waiting for a date to travel over for the one day trial and they have offered to pay for me to travel and my time plus I can spend some time with a Fibro specialist to talk about anything I want.  Fantastic…..

I will keep you all posted, but why don’t you take a look at the site and see what you think? 

Mindfulness course run by the NHS

Yes that is right.  I asked the doctor to refer me to a Psychologist as I was struggling to understand why my mind was acting like it was, clearly not understanding how the nervous system works or how it controls the brain at this point I was sh@t scared of my thoughts!  It was the best thing I ever did, I spent 90 minutes crying my eyes out and felt wretched and he didn’t tell me anything I already knew but he offered me 2 things:-

  • A mindfulness course running over an 8-10 week period
  • Counselling

I accepted both.

To cut a long story short counselling was out of the question as I was either the wrong age group or my condition didn’t have any counsellors, I could be placed on a waiting list but there was over 400 people on it.  Seriously!  But I was offered a chance to become one myself.  What a great idea I could become a Fibromyalgia counsellor but I needed to concentrate on myself first.

I did get a place on the Mindfulness course and started today.  I have been lent a book to read :-

I have homework yippee!!

I also met another lady with Fibromyalgia!!

I have done lots of research into Fibromyalgia and by no means am I a doctor but I’m also not stupid!!  Pumping someone with a nervous system disorder does not cure the illness it’s just a way to mask the symptoms.  Now what if I could get the symptoms under control and happily healthy life without resorting to pumping myself full of medications that well, affect the nervous system, using a holistic approach, after all holistic and homeopathic medicine has no side effects?

This is where Mindfulness comes in.  You can read all about it here.  We can train our bodies to become stronger and cope with tremendous amounts of pain but we just ignore our brain, the mind, our mental health.

Mindfulness is easy but it takes practise and dedication, it isn’t a quick fix.  Did you know that the brain can release chemicals that are stronger than morphine called beta-endorphins, don’t believe me then research the science here.

Why don’t more of us that suffer one of the primary symptoms of Fibromyalgia; chronic pain use the power of our brains to deal with the pain?  

Because it takes knowledge and practise.  Trust me I know.  I have to take Oramorph for a headache or it ends up becoming a migraine and I end up in A&E!!  But what if I could use my brain and mind to help me cope with the pain or better still, control the Fibromyalgia in the first place?  Well that’s why I am on the mindfulness course.  

Of course Fibromyalgia cannot be cured but it can be controlled, it all depends on the mind, not in a bottle of pills.

You may be thinking jeez she’s full of bull…. but it is my opinion and after suffering horrific side effects from medications I am willing to try anything!