Trial patient for Fibromyalgia 

After the initial bad couple of years with trying different medications with this condition and feeling disgusted with just constantly being fed more pills.  I wanted to try to put this ‘situation’ to some good use.

There is not a cure for #fibromyalgia and as the nervous system and mind are so complex and every single person is different I doubt there we will be.  But what if a combination of holistic and medical treatments were available to improve our symptoms and more importantly quieten down the root cause; our ‘short circuiting’ nervous system and brain?

I spent an afternoon searching on the internet for clinical trials in the UK and came across this site here, you can search the medical condition and even an area of the UK and see what is available, sign up, contact people for more information or even just ask to be kept informed.  Brilliant I thought!!  Let’s get involved, I’m game. 

I was turned down for one as I had took Tramadol in the last 6 months and one had no funding to pay for my travel, but I was accepted for another.

I am just waiting for a date to travel over for the one day trial and they have offered to pay for me to travel and my time plus I can spend some time with a Fibro specialist to talk about anything I want.  Fantastic…..

I will keep you all posted, but why don’t you take a look at the site and see what you think? 

Heat and pain go together like pea and carrots!

I feel so strongly for using heat for pain from my fusion, disintegrated disc at L5/L4 or general Fibro aches I feel I should have a soap box to stand on.

Right now I’ve ditched regular painkillers and I am trying a holistic approach to pain management.  It is tempting to eat painkillers and I will only resort to this should the pain develop into a full on Fibro attack (all over aches and pains). What I prefer to use is a hot water water bottle, yes at work.

I get used to the strange looks, but mainly people are great about it when they see me stood in the kitchen filling this up.  I had to buy a bigger, brand new bottle as the last one read ‘hot stuff’ 😂😂😂

I won’t bore you with the science, but please read here if you’re like me and need to understand the ‘why’.

I used to take over 25 painkillers prior to my back operation and when the Fibromyalgia attacks started it was back up to 15 plus a day, not all the same brand I must add 😂😂.   I have now decided to sporadically take them, in other words when I need to.  I had this crazy doctor that told me to take them all in a regular basis to keep the pain away, which is fine, but when you have Fibromyalgia everything you do affects your nervous system and can have catastrophic results.

For now I am happy with my hot water bottle and my one Tramadol tablet I just had!!