Fibromyalgia and exercise

I read this article on the Internet here and found the advice to be very good.

I used to be extremely fit, lifting heavier weights than my husband even!! I’d work out 6 times a week and could burn upto 1000 calories an hour, I used to eat a lot of protein and complex carbs to keep the energy levels up.  Since I’ve been in constant pain it has been hard as Fibromyalgia increases my exercise soreness to the extreme.  I literally feel like I have flu.

The more exercise a person does the stronger we become and that means the less tired we get undertaking normal activities.  I switched from interval training and weights to nothing and boy did I feel like death.  I had more stiffness, aching, felt more tired after just pottering around and I felt more stressed, less endorphins!!

I decided to restart yoga, mindfulness yoga, managed 2 x 20 minute sessions this week, one day on and one day off etc.  I also forced myself to go swimming today after work.  I only did 8 lengths, s far cry from the 40 I used to do about 4 years ago.  I am hurting now but I feel happy I went and I know tomorrow I will ache but I just need to remember why; it’s my body’s way of telling me I did some good and I might have a tough day tomorrow but the long term benefits of exercising outweight the negative.

I’ve included a picture of my Fitbit page to show you how it helps me track my day. Last night was one of the best sleeps I have had, over 5 hours with less thrashing around (check out the blue lines), I hit all my goals apart from steps, but that’s ok because I’ve been swimming.

My calories are still quite low but that is okay.  I’ve ate plenty of low calorie food today I certainly haven’t starved myself.  


First day back at work

Boy I must have been fidgeting bad.  I went to bed at 9.45 and my Fitbit didn’t even register I was in bed till after midnight.  But I managed 4 hours sleep and that was with a zopiclone 7mg tablet, these things used to knock me out cold.

I woke up feeling like I had the worst hangover ever as usual and zopiclone don’t make you feel groggy they aren’t that type of sleeper!!  I got up after talking myself into it 45 minutes later than planned at 6.45am and went to work.

I was supposed to be starting a new job today but the team are busy or on holiday so I was left to my own devices, I started to build my personal development review.

I felt awful, overtired, couldn’t think straight, hurt all over, particularly in my lower back and my skin feels like it has pins and needles all over, grrrrrr.  I ended up taking 2 cocodamol which worked for about 3 hours oh and my hot water bottle.  Why can I have a few hit water bottles and wrap them all around my body?

But I made it to 2pm, still 2.2 hours of a full day, still on shorter days…….

I feel awful now, I have no energy, pain all over, feel like I have flu and have pins and needles all over my body but I feel chilled and content.  Contemplating a hot bath with magnesium salts lots of them!

Maybe just maybe I might eat that Blueberry muffin in the fridge 😂😂. But first my ankle and back physio exercises need doing and my mindfulness practise session 👌

Hopefully I can fit in a mindfulness yoga session after my bath for that brief moment of reduced pain 😇