Fibromyalgia in women and the menstruation cycle

I promised you all on my Facebook page to write an honest account of how fibromyalgia can interfere with our natural menstruation cycle.  So for all you men reading this it is not for you 😂

Before I was formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia but after I had my major back surgery I noticed some differences to how I felt physically and mentally during the run up to my menstrual cycle:-

  • Over emotional (even worse than normal)
  • Increased depression where I would cry for days so much my eyes would swell up
  • Increase in lower back ache and stomach cramps to the point I’d be doubled over, have to go to bed, use a hot water bottle and take morphine pills.  Work or any activities would be out of the question, thankfully this only last 48 hours
  • Irritable bowel for 2-3 days prior
  • Increase in headaches
  • Heavier periods
  • Insomnia for 1-2 nights where I get absolutely no sleep at all
  • High end fever 🤒 

All of these symptoms were troublesome and one month I was in excruciating pain and was sent straight to hospital with a suspected appendicitis I ended up in A&E for 6 nights. I was waiting for an internal ultrasound and cat scan, it must have cost more to keep me in the bed and fed than to just get the tests done!!

The result was a small cyst which the NHS refused to move as they said it was too small, my pleading was ignored as I explained even a tiny cyst in Fibromyalgia can cause immense pain.  I was sent home with about 4 different meds for pain relief and laxatives!! Brilliant 😂😂

Anyway I ended up going private and having endometriosis confirmed by having a laparoscopy, this was removed along with the cyst and I went on the cerelle pill for 6 months even though my husband had the snip.  It worked my monthly cycle has now reduced to how it was before I developed fibromyalgia!!

The moral of the story is that yes our menstruation symptoms cab increase through Fibromyalgia and we have to find ways of dealing with these BUT if the symptoms are so severe they impact on your quality of life then please please see your doctor and get checked out for problems in your reproductive area.  My endometriosis was stuck in my bowel and I lost 10lbs in weight and could not work, I went back to normal once I’d had my operation.

The great thing about having Fibromyalgia I believe is that it alerts you to ‘other’ problems at an early enough stage as pain is dramatically increased and you know your body better than anyone.  There is no Shane in insisting your medical professionals undertake further tests and get it dealt with quickly, you have to be pushy with doctors and tell them if there’s some underlying problem then they have a duty of care to help you no matter how small the problem.  Fibro is very painful and any other medical condition on top of this hurts like hell due to our oversensituve nervous system. 

What do I do during my menstruation cycle to help me cope?:

  • Cry as it’s a great relief, then I get on with things
  • Increase meditation in relation to happiness and for pain relief
  • I keep my bedroom cooler than normal
  • I sleep in the spare room
  • I do more exercise but shorter bursts
  • Go for more walks
  • Have a massage
  • Increase my pain meds
  • Hug a hot water bottle for the cramps
  • Remain positive knowing it will pass

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There is a positive to Fibromyalgia 

I haven’t written on here for a while!  I don’t think the excuse I have is a good enough one but I’ll explain.

I always try to look for a positive in every situation no matter how ‘shit’ 

2 weeks ago I was awoken in the very early hours of Saturday morning with a deep pain in the lower right hand side of my abdomen.  It remained all weekend, I had no energy and late on Sunday my bladder felt like it was going to explode and I needed to urinate every ten minutes or so.  Sunday night I did not sleep at all and I rang in sick Monday morning.  I remained off sick on Tuesday too and I didn’t feel any better.  I went into the doctors where I was given a water infection test but it returned negative and the 3 days worth of antibiotics did not make any difference.   On Wednesday I attempted to go to work but on my return home I telephoned the emergency doctor as the bladder pressure worsened and my stomach was swollen.

I managed to get an appointment at 9PM my neighbour gave me a lift as my husband wasn’t home.  The doctor wanted to me to attend hospital with a suspected appendicitis. I was admitted at 11pm and taken to a ward at 2.30am with a very swollen stomach.

I spent the next 6 days in what I can only describe as hell!  Treat like a burden, over stressed nurses playing god with pain relief, generally backbiting at patients and at times being abusive.  Yes I did complain to the nurses and the matron.

The doctors were supposed to give me an emergency scan, I got one, after 48 hours, then it took another 3 days to give me a cat scan with dye injected in my arm.  Because I was on morphine I was full of gas so it was difficult for the ultrasound to work and the interval ultrasound only worked as I had to press on the top of my stomach and it was then we spotted a cyst on my ovary.

The Gynaecologist wouldn’t touch it as she said it had to be over 5cm even though I was in agony, my bladder affected, my bowels too and I only slept 5 hours in 6 nights total.  I was made to feel  like a hypochondriac and sent home with a one week sick note and a massive bag of tablets.  Then 2 days later I got a 2 week dick note and the reason was the cyst, ha so I wasn’t making it up!

Now I know I’m lucky as I’ve got private Heathcare through work and whilst I was in hospital I managed to get hold of my pain consultant who had treated my right SI Joint with injections. He confirmed he had suspected I had endometriosis and introduced me to his friend a private Gynaecologist at Thornbury where I had my fusion.  They squeezed me in the day I got released from hospital and I am now booked in for a colonoscopy to remove the cyst and anything else that shouldn’t be there.  Screw you NHS.

Now if I didn’t have fibromyalgia I probably wouldn’t have felt what was going on inside me for quite some time, I take it as a blessing that I am able to get this treated early and that’s my positive of having fibromyalgia! 

Plus don’t let the doctors gob you off and put every ailment down to Fibromyalgia you know you’re body better than anyone.