Processed food, poor food choices and fibro

I never expected foods to affect fibro as much as it does for me. We all know that fibro is all about how our nervous systems work. I like to think of it as a very sensitive short circuiting computer system. Our nervous system has its tentacles in everything in our bodies, whether it be physically or psychologically, read here for more in-depth details.

You already know that if you go on an alcohol and takeaway binge that you will feel tired and sluggish for a few days. With fibro it’s the same, only foods and drinks you never thought would affect you, will.

Diets don’t work with fibro either you must remove all potential food groups and stick to a basic diet of certain meats, all fish, green vegetables and seeds and berries plus no caffeine for 3 weeks. This is the purest basic paleo (caveman) diet there is.

You can only eat the pink foods above but as much as you want to for 3 weeks. For the first 3 days you feel absolutely dreadful as your body craves all the other stuff you have been eating and drinking. I had a bad migraine and had to take 2 days off work!! But then I felt fantastic!!

After 3 weeks you can try adding one food in a day for 2 meals; breakfast and lunch; if you feel well continue to eat it, if you gain weight the day after (water retention) don’t eat it again. If you feel ill; increased muscles pain or fatigue don’t eat it. If you only get a mild symptom that goes quickly then it’s an occasional food!!

These foods are what I started introducing first…….

The ones I crossed out I don’t eat anyway. The above foods have a high risk of you having a reaction.

I felt absolutely amazing on the diagnostic diet and lost 29 pounds in weight. But any food that causes a flare up, the reaction is so severe now it’s puts me in bed in agony, but it’s short lived as I don’t eat it again.

Foods I cannot eat without getting ill are:-

  • Anything containing large amounts of sugar
  • White rice or white pasta
  • Alcohol
  • White bread
  • Any processed foods
  • Eggs
  • Chicken unless it’s organic
  • Anything containing ‘E’ numbers
  • Anything containing gum
  • Anything containing MSG
  • High sugar fruit such as mango
  • No processed sauces, tins or jars

Foods I can eat rarely but never more than 2 days in a row:-

  • Anything containing potatoes
  • Indian takeaway
  • Brown bread
  • Brown rice or pasta
  • Nightshade foods
  • Crisps
  • Dark chocolate (above 85%)
  • Any diary
  • Plain vanilla ice cream

I can however eat any meat but not too much red, any fish, any vegetables and fruit that is not high in sugar. I can eat organic snacks such as fruit bars etc….. organic tins, jars and sauces.

I know some of you may think that you don’t have the energy to cook fresh all the time, but you have to get creative and overcook so you can save meals to warm up other nights, use a big slow cooker and let it cook itself. Or failing that get someone else to cook, my husband does all the cooking and when he’s away he over cooks foods and saves them into containers so I can warm them up to save my energy.

Symptoms that have reduced or in some instances disappeared:-

  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Monthly pains
  • Moodiness
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Brain fog
  • Insomnia


If I eat something my body does not like some of the symptoms above get so severe and come on within an hour of eating it, is very severe but lasts a shorter time.

What I did not realise is that due to me eating foods and drinking alcohol constantly this is why I always felt ill, could only sleep 0-3 hours a night and could not stop having bad flare ups, they were increasing and becoming more severe.

This is why diets or just cutting out one or two foods don’t work, you have to give yourself 3 weeks on the bland diet to clear out your system and remove all toxins. Then take another month to add one food in a day, not several at once. It’s not easy but I have had a better result from changing my diet than any pill I’ve tried and believe me I have tried them all.

Why don’t you try it? What’s stopping you? If you don’t do something different you’ll never change your symptoms or the severity of your fibro. You need to find what works for you and stick with it.

Am I a saint? No bloody way I drank gin this weekend, first time in 4 months and ate 2 takeaways but food I know I can eat such as lamb and fish. Yes I feel fatigued and have muscle pain but it will go……..

Why does this work? Because we absorb food into our immune system, glands and nervous system through our intestinal wall it’s that simple. Bad food makes you feel shit! Good food reduces symptoms.. …. read here for more info and try it out.


There is a positive to Fibromyalgia 

I haven’t written on here for a while!  I don’t think the excuse I have is a good enough one but I’ll explain.

I always try to look for a positive in every situation no matter how ‘shit’ 

2 weeks ago I was awoken in the very early hours of Saturday morning with a deep pain in the lower right hand side of my abdomen.  It remained all weekend, I had no energy and late on Sunday my bladder felt like it was going to explode and I needed to urinate every ten minutes or so.  Sunday night I did not sleep at all and I rang in sick Monday morning.  I remained off sick on Tuesday too and I didn’t feel any better.  I went into the doctors where I was given a water infection test but it returned negative and the 3 days worth of antibiotics did not make any difference.   On Wednesday I attempted to go to work but on my return home I telephoned the emergency doctor as the bladder pressure worsened and my stomach was swollen.

I managed to get an appointment at 9PM my neighbour gave me a lift as my husband wasn’t home.  The doctor wanted to me to attend hospital with a suspected appendicitis. I was admitted at 11pm and taken to a ward at 2.30am with a very swollen stomach.

I spent the next 6 days in what I can only describe as hell!  Treat like a burden, over stressed nurses playing god with pain relief, generally backbiting at patients and at times being abusive.  Yes I did complain to the nurses and the matron.

The doctors were supposed to give me an emergency scan, I got one, after 48 hours, then it took another 3 days to give me a cat scan with dye injected in my arm.  Because I was on morphine I was full of gas so it was difficult for the ultrasound to work and the interval ultrasound only worked as I had to press on the top of my stomach and it was then we spotted a cyst on my ovary.

The Gynaecologist wouldn’t touch it as she said it had to be over 5cm even though I was in agony, my bladder affected, my bowels too and I only slept 5 hours in 6 nights total.  I was made to feel  like a hypochondriac and sent home with a one week sick note and a massive bag of tablets.  Then 2 days later I got a 2 week dick note and the reason was the cyst, ha so I wasn’t making it up!

Now I know I’m lucky as I’ve got private Heathcare through work and whilst I was in hospital I managed to get hold of my pain consultant who had treated my right SI Joint with injections. He confirmed he had suspected I had endometriosis and introduced me to his friend a private Gynaecologist at Thornbury where I had my fusion.  They squeezed me in the day I got released from hospital and I am now booked in for a colonoscopy to remove the cyst and anything else that shouldn’t be there.  Screw you NHS.

Now if I didn’t have fibromyalgia I probably wouldn’t have felt what was going on inside me for quite some time, I take it as a blessing that I am able to get this treated early and that’s my positive of having fibromyalgia! 

Plus don’t let the doctors gob you off and put every ailment down to Fibromyalgia you know you’re body better than anyone.

Struggling with Fibro symptoms each month!

Wow today has been rough.  I usually have to deal with the pain with Oramorph but I’m resisting this month.  I’ve stuck to co codamol and Tramadol, the first 2 co codamol has done nothing this afternoon, I’m  hoping the Tramadol works.

I’m on my 4th hot water bottle today and the pain is bleeding through.  I know this won’t last, the first 48 hours are always rough, then the remaining 3 days I can deal with.

I did not get anything much done at work this afternoon as I could not think straight, so I came home.  I’m hoping an early start tomorrow will be just the ticket.

I was reading on the Internet about options for this as it’s not something women with fibromyalgia talk about much, but we should.   In particular ones that are coming up to menopause age, I’m 41, my mum was 38! Anyway there isn’t much advice apart from going back on the pill! Ah no thank you.  I am not putting more crap in my system.  No I’ll stick with my yoga (I did it last night), my hot water bottle and the odd painkiller.  Read here for more details.

When I feel this much pain I hate this condition, it’s as painful as the start of contractions in childbirth.  But from under taking mindfulness meditation I know it will pass, it’s not a permanent state.  Things will get better.