Quiz – How much do you know about Fibromyalgia?

Now this is taken from research and you might have different experiences.  But try this quiz here and see how you get on.  It’s a fun way of seeing what else is out there.

Maybe there is something in this list you have never tried.  I started a new supplement yesterday, I’ve started slow just one tablet twice a day, whilst I see if anything upsets my stomach, so far so good.  My new supplement contains ingredient in this list that has been proven to have positive effects on people with this condition.

Good news today is that my sore throat seems to have gone, which is good.  I always use first defence at the first sign of any germs, view here, it works every time I get germs, it just seems to stop them in their tracks.

I was asked to go painting today but that is not going to happen, far too achy for that.   My husbands new bike dumped brake fluid all over his bike last night and now he’s lost his back brake so we will be going back to the shop to get this sorted out.  This will give me a chance to practise on my new bike 👌🏍

Bikes are now my passion as well as cars, we’ve had some nice sporty cars in the past before all these started and I could easily drive them.  Let’s hope we can back to that feeling again.

I was thinking the other day about Autumn and Winter, wondering how I’ll feel through both these times of year.  I haven’t enjoyed Spring or Summer as much as usual, I’ve found it a little too hot at times.  I think I’ll buy the biggest coat I can and bury myself inside it to keep nice and snug.  It’s usually nice and warm at work to be honest and thankfully it isn’t far home.


Author: Maz Brown

Hi there, I am a busy mum who had found a new lease in life by completing my diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP and led a successful part-time online hypnotherapy business, preparing personalised online recordings and using tried and tested NLP techniques as homework for my clients. I found out I had advanced degenerative disease in my spine over 10 years ago and then spondyliothesis 4 years ago. 2 of my lumbar discs collapsed and I needed a fusion in March 2014, but left the other collapsed disc in place. It was then that things got really weird. It took me over 2 years to get diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which I developed after the surgery and that is when the fun started........ I now have Osteoarthritis in my neck and have another 2 discs that are collapsing into my spinal column. I am considering having a double fusion to reduce the pain.

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