Mindfulness Yoga

I came across a yoga instructor on YouTube that practises mindfulness yoga and I find the whole idea amazing, obviously this isn’t new but what I like about this girl is that she caters for everyone, she explains how to undertake the positions to your own breath and isn’t precious about the shape you’re making or even if you get the posture correct.  I have tried many different yoga instructors in the past and never kept up the practise as I felt the moves too difficult and too rushed.

Now I used to be very fit but had to give up training about 3 years ago now, I’ve tried to pick it back up many times but exhaustion took over every time.  I love yoga, I love twisting my spine, especially where I had it fused as it feels great.

I will never stop exercising, I want to live a long and happy life and maybe just maybe this yoga instructor can help me get stronger and eventually I’ll get back in the gym.  Check her out here 


Author: Maz Brown

Hi there, I am a busy mum who had found a new lease in life by completing my diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP and led a successful part-time online hypnotherapy business, preparing personalised online recordings and using tried and tested NLP techniques as homework for my clients. I found out I had advanced degenerative disease in my spine over 10 years ago and then spondyliothesis 4 years ago. 2 of my lumbar discs collapsed and I needed a fusion in March 2014, but left the other collapsed disc in place. It was then that things got really weird. It took me over 2 years to get diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which I developed after the surgery and that is when the fun started........ I now have Osteoarthritis in my neck and have another 2 discs that are collapsing into my spinal column. I am considering having a double fusion to reduce the pain.

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